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Annual renewal cost *$425

What's included:

Once your company has been incorporated it is important to renew and maintain the company on a yearly basis. The annual renewal cost includes the following:

  • Local government fees
  • Registered office fees for one year
  • Agent handling cost for one year
  • Renewal of company secretarial maintenance


  • Renewal of nominee services (if required)
  • Renewal of Power of Attorney (if required)

FAQs on company formation in Seychelles

  • Why incorporate a company in Seychelles ?

    Seychelles is one of the most attractive destinations for financial services and tax planning. It has a stable and independent jurisdiction with fast, flexible and affordable company incorporations.

  • What is the governing body in Seychelles?

    The Financial Services Commission (FSC) is the government regulator and all the companies formed are under the IBC Act of 1994.

  • Is it mandatory to publish information relating to company officers?

    Seychelles offers a high level of anonymity and privacy. It does not have a public register of company officers and no name is disclosed during the opening of a company.

  • Do I need to file yearly accounts of my Seychelles company?

    No accounting or reporting requirement. However it is required to maintain records such as invoices, receipts and also disclose where the records will be kept.

  • Is my company subject to any taxes in Seychelles?

    No taxes are applicable

  • Is there a minimum capital requirement?

    On forming your company in Seychelles there is no paid up capital requirement.

  • What are the minimum number of directors and shareholders required?

    Minimum of 1 director and/or 1 shareholder. There is no requirement for the directors and shareholders to be resident in Seychelles.

  • Do you require a secretary while forming a Seychelles company?

    It is not mandatory to appoint a secretary when forming a Seychelles company.

  • Are bearer shares permitted?

    Bearer shares are not permitted.

  • How much time does it take to incorporate a company in Seychelles?

    Usually within 24 hours depending on your time zone location.

  • What are the documents required for the formation of a company in Seychelles?

    Compliance is our key business success over the past 20 years therefore it is mandatory that all our customers comply with our KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. This is important for our due diligence purposes. We require the following:

    1. Certified scanned copy of passport for each director and shareholder
    2. Certified scanned copy of a recent utility bill for each director and shareholder
    3. A brief business plan